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Global Community Involvement


  • VIP Discount Program
  • Home for the Holidays
  • Junior Paramedic Program
  • Contractor for Surge Ambulances, State of Louisiana, Central LA Evac Center
  • Contractor for Louisiana Dept of Agriculture, Camp Grant Walker (Medical Staff)
  • Contractor for Pinecrest, Para transit services
  • Community Training Center, American Heart Association - Central LA
  • Disaster Information Center, Office of Emergency Preparedness
  • Disaster Command Center, American Red Cross Central LA
  • Center for Disease Control, EMS Chempak Repository
  • Directly involved in pre and post-incident disaster responses for 17 years, including hurricanes, World Trade Center bombing and other mass evacuations
  • Direct involvement in coordinating and producing disaster response teams in Central America, the Caribbean and Asia 
  • Provided screening services and urgent care clinic projects in Iraq for civilians attached to the US military for 4 years and provided the communications and medical logistics to support this project 
  • Participated as a FEMA vendor of services in Louisiana and Texas (Only LA company activated in the 2007 & Hurricane Season) 
  • Produced vaccination, urgent care and industrial medicine projects for the post Katrina contractor workforce (KBR, Murphy Oil)