Our Beginning

Our Story

In 1992, Med Express Ambulance Service, Inc, started providing ambulance service from a tiny building in Montgomery, LA.  This rural community had no resident ambulance service in the parish, so with 2 ambulances and 6 employees, Med Express filled an immediate need and began to refine the efforts to bring EMS to rural communities.  The ambulances were dispatched by a contracted answering service and lives began being impacted by immediate improvement to EMS access.

As a rural EMT-Paramedic from Melville, LA, Mark Majors founded the company with a special passion to develop a sustainable business model for the rural EMS challenge throughout Central Louisiana.  By focusing on a community-based EMS model and by teaming with key regional resources with specialty and definitive care, this objective has been met and lives are being saved.

Our Present

Med Express Ambulance Service now operates from its Headquarters at 2550 N. Bolton Ave, Alexandria, Louisiana.  In 2020, the staff of nearly 300 professional men and women provided nearly 50,000 transports for emergency and non-emergency ambulance requests and wheelchair transports.  Ambulances are all certified by the State of Louisiana as Advanced Life Support ambulances, all staff meet and exceed State and National certification and licensing requirements.  The 14,000 sq ft facility also houses MedComm, TeleMedex, Education, Human Resources, Medical Supply Distribution, Maintenance, and local crew quarters.

Priorities and Commitment

Technology has been vital in improving efficiencies and maintaining best practices in EMS for our communities.  MedComm uses computer-assisted dispatching to optimize the interaction between the caller and the responding crews.  Vehicle tracking, mapping, digital directives and communications, redundant radio and cellular platforms, enhanced E-911 interface with public 911 centers, video conferencing and other IT programs are state of the art tools used to optimize the response to the caller.  Maintenance uses a dynamic virtual monitoring system for all ambulances that identifies potential mechanical concerns, driving habits, and scheduled and monitored maintenance needs.  Staff scheduling and messaging is built on a robust digital communications program utilized by every employee in every department.

Safety for our staff and our patients is paramount.  Major investments in equipment on the trucks, medical devices that provide high-reliability information to the caregiver, policies and guidelines on medical practices, personal protection practices and driving practices are constantly monitored and enforced.

Working With Us

Med Express Ambulance Service offers competitive pay based on advanced certifications and skills of every Paramedic.  This unique compensation for advanced skills and training has resulted in essentially every paramedic meeting requirements for Critical Care practice capabilities throughout our company.

Every element of Med Express is intentional and is for that caregiver-patient moment of care.  This is what has defined our organization since 1992.  We are committed to that experience being unsurpassed and every patient every time will know that they are our highest priority and concern.

Our Service Area