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  • Free Enrollment
  • No Enrollment Deadline – You can join anytime!

  • Free VIP Member Kit: VIP ID Card, Valuable Health Information, Phone & Window Decals

  • Up to 50% off of ambulance transport fees for services not covered by your health insurance

  • Up to one year to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses with no interest charges

  • Up to 50% off any wheelchair transportation fees with MedTrans
  • Med Express will file the necessary claims of ambulance services for you
  • In-home Health Assessment visits are available to ensure your well-being and are provided by a skilled EMT at no cost to you

  • Receive regular updates regarding Health, Safety and Disaster Preparedness Information on our website at

  • Your FREE enrollment provides MedExpress with valuable information to improve the quality and timeliness of service to you

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The MedExpress VIP Member program is not an insurance policy and will not preclude any responsibility that a patient may have for co-payments of Medicare covered services.  VIP Member Discounts are provided for services and terms described in the fee portion of the enrollment application or online at  Discounts are for those services that are paid at the time of services.  Payment plans are interest-free for up to 12 months for the unpaid balance of a bill.

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