Remote Visits with Qualified Practitioners

TeleMedex is an evolving telemedicine program that involves a remote visit with an advanced care practitioner via a video call with a paramedic present. The paramedic will assist the advanced care practitioner with the assessment, treatment on scene, prescription call in, and if necessary transport the patient to a facility. The key to TeleMedex is being able to obtain care in the comfort of your home.

Before TeleMedex there were community paramedicine programs. These programs would involve a paramedic visiting patients that were at risk of readmission to local hospitals due to not being compliant with their selfcare, nutrition, and medication. With the introduction of technology and the need for remote visits during the COVID 19 pandemic community paramedics had a new tool introduced telemedicine.

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Is TeleMedex for everyone?

The ability to visit with an advanced care practitioner for a doctor’s appointment or when a visit to the actual ER may not be necessary.

TeleMedex is for everyone, but it is not for every situation. There are times in the event of an emergency that the dispatcher will send an ambulance because prompt transport to a local ER is necessary (stroke, stemi, and trauma), however TeleMedex still may be an option for treatment in place on scene and alternate destination choices such as direct admit to a hospital, urgent care, and behavioral care.

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