There comes a time when both doors look right. Both doors have promising endings, and both endings have a mega lure. What do we choose? Before this time we knew what way was “right” and what was “wrong”. In this case how do we choose between all rights?

From the time I was a child I knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to wear scrubs and tell people they had cavities. I knew that I could handle, maybe even enjoy, ordering them to brush more and snatch the candy from their hands. The cute uniforms, the bright teeth, and the thrill of the drill. That was my future. That was the life I wanted, and I was ready.

Then came the day that other doors opened and that one seemed to slam in my face. As I looked around and realized maybe that was not where I was to be. Could it be? But I was so sure! Great. Now what? Was I foolish? Naïve? Daydreaming?

Today with my backpack full of business books and my computer in lap I have come to the conclusion, sometimes we are given 4 “right” doors. None of the choices are bad. But what if we are placed at these 4 tall doors to see if we will follow our individual calling in life? There is something, someone gently urging us to follow in a path that is built, brick by brick just for us. Apparently, we are needed somewhere else.

We are given talents and abilities to handle things that no one else can. We are given guts to push a stretcher dripping with blood. We are given the calmness and peaceful spirit to care for a hurting mother, a wounded marine, a sobbing baby. Something in us gets revived when we see the hours of learning used to save a life. There is something in us that screams, “This is my calling”. You know this is where you need to be. You know this is the reason the other doors have closed, and you were lured to this scene.

If you are like me, wondering where should I go now, worry no longer. Before long you will be telling the world, “This is it”. You will find your way if you believe. Spread your wings, and allow yourself to trust. Do good wherever you go. Walk through door no.3 with confidence. Hold your head high and be willing to embrace on the trek ahead. Someone in the future will be glad you chose a path that saved his or her life.

Now is the time to lace your boots and say 10-4.

-A paramedic’s daughter

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