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At MedExpress, we provide nationally recognized training courses as part of our commitment to the ongoing safety of our communities. We offer a variety of classes for both the general public and company employees, ranging from public service workers, including EMS, firefighters and law enforcement, to certification and recertification programs for medical professionals. 

Bringing educational experiences to communities across Louisiana, we have grown from serving rural communities with ambulance service and wheelchair transports to becoming a leading provider of both medical transportation and EMS training classes to ensure that responders are prepared in case of a medical emergency.

Healthcare Provider CPR

Hospitals require that all employees maintain CPR certification, providing the skills necessary to administer basic life support services until qualified help can arrive. Beyond doctors and nurses to administration and custodial staff, this certification, through the American Heart Association, includes CPR, AED Use, and appropriate ventilations using a barrier device (mouthguard).

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Building on the foundations of basic CPR certification, the American Heart Association has developed a more in-depth training program for those healthcare professionals who provide assistance during cardiovascular emergencies, whether in a hospital environment or in emergency response. This training provides the skills necessary to recognize and provide early management of respiratory and cardiac arrest as well as symptomatic bradycardia and ACS and Stroke.

Pre-Hospital Advanced Life Support

Offering advanced training for EMTS, paramedics, nurses, physician assistants, physicians, and other prehospital providers, this course covers additional life saving interventions such as hemorrhage control and airway management. Teaching critical trauma concepts, this course is relevant to first responders including firefighters and law enforcement officers.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Referred to as PALS training, these classes will prepare students to respond effectively to respiratory emergencies, shock, and cardiopulmonary arrest in pediatric patients. Certified through the American Heart Association, this course provides the necessary training for those working with infants and children, whether through emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care, or critical care units.

Advanced Medical Life Support

Teaching emergency medical assessment and treatment through realistic case-based scenarios, this course teaches providers to recognize indicators at the scene and rely on first impressions to assist with diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical conditions that require emergency medical support.  Beyond EMTs and paramedics, this course is a valuable asset for nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurse anesthetists and physicians.

Emergency Medical Responder

An entry level course to EMS at 50 hours of instruction. We offer flexibility with weekend courses, teaching the skills necessary for students to provide lifesaving interventions while waiting for additional EMS help to arrive on scene. This course teaches a range of skills and basic interventions that can be administered with little equipment.

Emergency Medical Technician 


Preparing students for the NREMT Basic test, this class includes 180 hours of instruction covering both didactic and lab instruction. From routine medical transports to life threatening emergencies, EMTs provide a critical link between the onset of an emergency and arrival at a hospital or treatment facility. 


In conjunction with our affiliate campus, we provide pre-hospital certification courses that include pharmacology, airway management, cardiac emergencies, pediatric emergencies and much more. Opening doors to work in an ambulance, emergency room, or with a medical flight team, paramedics are an essential component of the medical industry.

Continuing Education And Refresher Courses

Allowing all levels of EMS personnel to remain up-to-date on their educational requirements necessary to recertify their competency, we provide the necessary continuing education to allow for recertification of these skills.

At MedExpress, our classes are presented in affiliation with nationally accredited Schools of EMS. Choose from in-class instruction, virtual education programs and virtually reality education experiences to meet your specific training needs.

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