Emergency and Non-Emergency Transportation Available


Dispatchers are here to answer your call 24/7

Every emergency is different, every patient has unique needs, and every situation is defined by differentiating circumstances. This in mind, we created and continue to develop Med Express Ambulance to be as intentional as it can be- designed to meet personal and special need. Patients are not just a number, they are why we exist.

  • Advance Life Support Ambulance

  • Basic Life Support Ambulance

  • Paramedic Sprint Unit (High and Low Acuity Response)

  • Wheelchair Vans (MedTrans)


Our Process is Efficient

An emergency request for ambulance is quickly triaged to determine if an Advance Life Support ambulance is likely needed. Immediately, a nearby fully-credentialled ambulance and crew is on the way.

If the need is for a scheduled appointment but an ambulance is medically necessary for the transport, a Basic Life Support ambulance is assigned to the call and service will be provided by a caring and highly professional crew.  When a wheelchair van is appropriate for the transport, this economical and comfortable alternative to an ambulance transport is a popular option for our patients.


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