Med Express Celebrates 29 Years of Success

Legacies are built with great passion. Slowly, deliberately, often sacrificially for the people who bind them together. Legacies are built with great vision. Meeting the needs of others, forging through trials and hurdles, always moving the target of success a little further, a little higher, a little better.

In 1992, this recipe of passion and vision came together in the small town of Melville – the mission was and remains simple: provide rural Louisiana communities the highest level of EMS care. From the first day, until now, this mandate persists. To be part of a legacy, one must share the passion and vision and be willing to shoulder the loads of sacrifice, the struggles, and the victories.

The countless hours of perfecting skills, studying cases, saving lives – this is the crux of the legacy. Everyone, proudly wearing the MedExpress badge, serving the communities of Louisiana, is a beacon of hope. Technical expertise woven together with compassion and kindness – this is the heart of the company. The men and women of MedExpress, the very fabric of this legacy, are why we celebrate these successful twenty-nine years.

The legacy lives on, never a destination but a continuous journey – fueled by great passion and great vision.

Today we celebrate all who have been a part of the last twenty-nine years and move the target of success a little further, a little higher, a little better. As we launch into year thirty, let the passion grow stronger. Let the vision be clearer.

– Marc Anthony Majors

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