Another week, another coffee, and another life. You may ask, “To whom does that life belong?” It is a fragile soul. It is one longing for belonging, for direction, and for purpose. It seems to her that she is no longer going in circles; she is instead blindly taking on an undesirable maze at airplane speed. This doesn’t make any sense to the bystander. Not to the grandmother. Not to the past friends.

You see what the current state is.

You see her at the end of her maze.

You see the last door slam shut in front of her face. No one knows why she made the decisions she made, and no one wants to be in the place she is in.

How did this happen? The simple answer is, I don’t know. I don’t know why she allowed the weight of life push this far. I don’t understand why she didn’t listen to the advice her teachers gave. And I’m sure you don’t either. But honestly, that doesn’t matter.

There she is. Alone. Facing the most critical and scary moments she has ever experienced.

Could there be more to the dreadful story? Would anyone be an interventionist in her life? Most would say no. That’s it. There is no more. No hope whatsoever.

My reason for writing this blog is to ask you one set of questions: What if you were the one that stepped in to find her lying on the ground after the world crashed before her eyes? Could the “no hope” be changed to a “yes”? Would it be possible for her to have a second chance at this thing called life or would she be left alone?

Say you have the skill. Say you have the ability. Say you could save her life. You can be the one that reaches to pull her back. Her problems were none of your concerns, but her future could be in your hands.

The power that you have in you can push someone further than they thought they could go. It can propel them to a future that they thought was unreachable. The strength in your hand, simply by being willing, can change a life, a family, and a future.

We can all do something. Be an interventionist in your own way today. You don’t know what tomorrow holds.

-A Paramedic’s Daughter

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